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Just released today is the official QuickBooks integration extension for WooCommerce. WooCommerce is one of the fastest growing shopping cart plugins for WordPress, and we’re extremely happy to have just released verion 1.0 of our extremely powerful QuickBooks connector for WooCommerce. If you’re using Woo and QuickBooks, this extension is a MUST HAVE!. Gone are the days of having to rekey order info into QuickBooks or struggling to keep your online inventory up-to-date. Instead, now you can just setup our handy little plugin and it’ll do all of the work for you and you can focus on growing your business and your brand.

How the QuickBooks Integration Works

Here’s how the extension works:

  1. You install the extension just like any other WordPress Plugin.
  2. Generate a WebConnector Key file from the extension
  3. Load it into the QuickBooks WebConnector
  4. Map your QuickBooks settings in WooCommerce and off you go!

After you establish the sync between QuickBooks and WooCommerce, once orders reach a completed status, they’ll automatically be sent to QuickBooks as either a Sales Receipt or Sales Order / Invoice / Payment. Similarly, once setup, on-hand inventory and pricing will be pulled directly from QuickBooks and updated on your WooCommerce shop. Just think of all of the time and money saved by not having to manually re-enter data between the two.


What you need to get started

  1. QuickBooks Desktop – right now, the plugin works for QuickBooks Desktop (v9.0 or newer), but if you need it for QuickBooks Online or Point-of-Sale, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.
  2. QuickBooks Company File – this might sound silly, but you do need to have a Company setup in QuickBooks for the integration to work. So, if you’re just getting started, take a few minutes to get QuickBooks setup and then connect it to WooCommerce.
  3. QuickBooks Web Connector – this is a cool little program that ships with QuickBooks and helps us let QuickBooks and WooCommerce talk. If you need to download it, you can get it here: QuickBooks WebConnector (it’s FREE) .
  4. A PC – Right now, the integration only works with QuickBooks running on a PC (that means Windows) because QuickBooks Web Connector isn’t available for Macs.

Click to get QuickBooks Integration!

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  • leo basica says:

    hi there! exciting new to hear this. i have a client that needs this done immediately with the site we just launched with woo commerce installed. to be clear, is this integration with just quickbooks or quickbooks pos? they need the later so i’m crossing my fingers!

    thank you again!

  • Dan says:

    Hi Leo,
    v1.0 doesn’t automatically add QBPOS items to the woocommerce install. When we first started developing this, the way that woocommerce was handling product data was changing, so the auto-creation of products in woocommerce was put on hold until that became a little more stable.

    What it does do is add the Woocommerce items to POS if they don’t exist in POS. Likewise, it sends woocommerce customers and orders and auto-creates them in POS. Now that woocommerce’s product data handling is settling in, we’ll be working on pushing products and departments from QBPOS into Woocommerce. I don’t have an eta on that one just yet, but I don’t expect it to be too long.

  • Andre says:

    Will the synchronization from POS to Woo be available as an update to the extension? If I buy today, will the new functionality be available to me later for low/no cost? (when it does come out)

    BTW – Great extension! Even as is, it is something that will save me lots of time and effort. Cheers!

  • Jon Hungerford says:

    Can this plugin be modified to work with another accounting system, specifically Tencia? Or is it too dependent on the Web connector? Could it be modified to send and receive csv files or something similar?

    • Jeremy says:

      Unfortunately, this plug-in is specific to the Quickbooks API and can’t be ported to another accounting system. It would require a complete re-write – even to send/receive csv files.

  • mp says:

    can this tool be written to used with other commerce engines other than woo?

    • Dan says:

      What other commerce engine did you have in mind? We’re always interested in extending the reach of our products.


  • Kregg says:

    Has there been any interest or plans for quickbooks online?



    • Jeremy says:

      Hi Kregg,

      There has been interest. But, from what we can tell, the online API is currently a bit unstable. Once the kinks are worked out, we’ll release what we’ve got.



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