Customizing Jigoshop’s Checkout Fields


One of the most frequent questions that we have to field is how to customize Jigoshop’s checkout process. For those unfamiliar with it, Jigoshop is a an easy-to-use, well-thought-out shopping cart built on the popular wordpress framework. We’ve been doing a lot of work with it lately and really think it has a good future. During our work with the plugin, though, a lot of people have asked us to customize the checkout to fit their needs. Often this includes adding fields, removing fields and flat-out collecting different types of information during the checkout process.

If you’re a developer and familiar with WordPress at all, you quickly realize that adding and removing fields from Jigoshop’s checkout is nothing more than working a little bit of filtering magic and adding a few hooks. This gets the job done, but if you get the same request time and again, you soon realize that this type of functionality really would be an ideal candidate for an extension, which is why we developed the Jigoshop Checkout Field Manager.

The Checkout Field Manager is a pretty cool Jigoshop extension that features an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand user interface that lets you quickly add, remove, disable and reorder the checkout fields in Jigoshop. What this means is that you can start collecting the additional data (or the data that’s meaningful to you) during the checkout process.

The REALLY cool thing about this extension, is that not only can you add the same type of fields that the Jigoshop checkout already supports – inputs, textareas, checkboxes, etc – but it also introduces a new type of field that you can use: the date field.

Jigoshop Date Fields

When you add a new field to the checkout and set it’s type to “Date”, a really cool thing happens – you get a datepicker on the frontend during checkout. The uses for this type of field really are countless, but the most obvious is being able to collect a delivery date during checkout, which has been a sought after feature for Jigoshop.

Jigoshop Delivery Date

The response we’ve received for this extension so far has been really great and we have a lot more cool stuff planned for this extension, as well as a lot of cool other extensions for Jigoshop that we’ll be releasing soon, so stay tuned!

Jigoshop Checkout Field Manager

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