Extending WooCommerce’s Checkout Fields


One of the most commonly asked questions / requests that we receive is how to customize the checkout of WooCommerce – or any cart, really. Many studies have shown that if the buyer thinks your checkout process is too-long, confusing, or doesn’t make sense for what you’re selling, they’re more likely to abandon their cart. This isn’t good.

As a result of multiple requests for one-off development work, we’ve decided to release a Checkout Field Manager for WooCommerce, which lets you control most aspects of the checkout process, such as the fields, their layout and in what order they appear. Not only can you control the aspects of existing fields, but you can also add new fields using standard html elements such as inputs, textareas, check boxes and the anticipated datepicker. The datepicker field type lets you solve another common checkout process quandary - how to collect a delivery date  in woocommerce.

For the more advanced user, the woocommerce checkout field manager has advanced controls that you completely disable required core fields, creating an even more simplified checkout process. Be advised, though – disabling core fields may impact other third party extensions that might rely on the field you want to disable, so it’s best to check with that extension developer to see if the field that you want to disable isn’t required by anything.

All-in-all, the WooCommerce Checkout Field Manager is definitely a must-have woocommerce extension that will help you craft a checkout process that makes sense for your business and hopefully increase your checkout rate.


WooCommerce Checkout Field Manager


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