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So you’ve took the plunge and had a nice, new website created. You worked with the designer and the developer and signed off on everything. You love the design. You love the user interface. You think it represents your business quite well. Then one day you go to Google and type in your business name and your site doesn’t come up. You think it must be a mistake. Maybe there’s something wrong with your computer. The next day, you start asking some of your clients if they’ve seen your new website and they say that they hadn’t or that they looked for it and couldn’t find it. Now’s when you start getting frustrated. How could you spend all of that money on a new website and no one can find it – not even Google!

Believe it or not, even today, this is still a common problem for a lot of small to medium sized businesses – exactly the people that can benefit from online referrals the most. Even the best designed website might not have been “built” in a way that makes it easy to find. That’s why at 61 Designs, we make sure that all of our websites are search engine optimized, easily indexed in the major search engines, and have the proper content strategy – what’s on the site is just as important as how’s it’s built. If you already have a site that no one can find or need a new site that you want to make sure people will find, get in touch. We’d be more than happy to look and see what services we could offer.

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