WooCommerce FedEx Updates!

We just released a new update to our WooCommerce FedEx Rates extension over at 61Extensions.com. The latest update for the WooCommerce FedEx extensions includes a lot of useful features such as FedEx Rate Request Logging, Drop-Off Types, Multi-Piece Shipment Requests, Declared Values and more!

Really, what the latest release for the WooCommerce FedEx Extension is all ¬†about is our commitment to continuously refining and advancing some of the best wordpress / woocommerce / jigoshop extensions on the market. One of the coolest new features for the FedEx extension is the ability to say that a product ships separately. What this means is that you can now get multi-piece rate quotes from FedEx – it’s like per-product shipping mixed with FedEx. If you check that a product ships separately, then you’ll get a multi-piece rate quote from fedex. This features really useful for all of those people that sell stuff that comes one-unit-to-a-pack, and just slap a label on it as it goes out the door.

You can read more about the changes to the extension here. If you’re looking for a good, solid way to get FedEx Rates Quotes in your WooCommerce powered shop, you’ll definitely want to checkout our FedEx extension:

WooCommerce FedEx Extension – $49

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